Speed up Mozilla Firefox!

Some say Mozilla Firefox became slower than the concurrent web browsers. With these small changes your Firefox will be ready to rush! Let's start it step by step:

1. Start the browser.
2. Type to address bar: about:config
You will see a warning:
about:config figyelmeztetés

Let's go on! If you make these modifications (only these modifications) nothing will be changed, except speed. Once you close the warning window, you will see something like this:


3. Type network.http.pipelining to the filter field.
4. Double click.
5. Its value will be changed to true
6. Now find this: network.http.proxy.pipelining
7. Set it true.
8. Next one: network.http.pipelining.maxrequests
9. Double click and set its value to 8 (Larger value is not necessary, it's the browser's maximum)
10. Move the mouse pointer over a blank area, then click with your right mouse button. Select new/integer/
11. The name: nglayout.initialpaint.delay
12: The value: 0
13. Right button click again and new/boolean
14. Set the name to browser.turbo.enabled
15. and value to true
16. Restart Firefox

Feel the difference!

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